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Acupuncture needles


Treatments for new and established patients to address the health of the entire body, utilizing acupuncture, shiatsu massage, cupping therapy, gua sha, and heat therapy to relieve pain, calm the mind, and balance the body's internal functions [...]

$120 | New patients | 90 mins.

$90 | Returning patients |60 mins.


Health insurance accepted


Group Acupuncture

Group acupuncture is a treatment setting in which patients receive an acupuncture treatment seated in reclining chairs. The treatment takes place in a shared room where two to three other patients may be receiving acupuncture at the same time. Group acupuncture is currently offered on Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm, or by appointment for interested groups of three or more individuals [...]

$35 | Per person | 45-60 mins.

Saturdays 3pm-6pm

Please schedule online 

Call for same day appointments

Couples Acupuncture - for two

During a Couples Acupuncture appointment each individual will receive a set of acupuncture points that are helpful to strengthen the body and calm the mind, and which are appropriate for most patients. Different points may also be used to address the specific needs of each individual [...]

$140 | For two | 90 mins.

$70 | Per person |90 mins.


Health insurance accepted

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