COMMUNITY                                      We are not currently offering Community Acupuncture.

ACUPUNCTURE                                      If you'd like to set up a private group appointment,

                                                                                         please give us a call.


Drop-in Community Acupuncture

Rates for acupuncture in a drop-in group setting are $25/person (cash or check only) for a 45 minute session during drop-in hours: Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 3:15pm (last appointment finishes at 4pm).



Come in anytime between 10am and 3 pm for the 10am – 3:15 pm sessions. Please arrive at least an hour before the day ends (for example, arrive by 3 pm for a session that will end at 4 pm). Sometimes there are other people ahead of you and sometimes you don’t have to wait at all! Please wear comfortable clothing.

Come in  by yourself or bring friends! Get an extra LEAF on our Frequent Client Card when you bring a new person to Community Acupuncture!

Private Groups

We can also arrange private groups if you and your friend, family member, co-worker or other individuals want to make your own group at a time other than our usual drop-in acupuncture hours.

We offer the following rates for private acupuncture groups:

  • 2-person group is $40/person

  • 3-5 person groups are $30/person

Call us at (503) 446-2836 to speak to John Kozel, our clinic manager, for more information or to set up your private group acupuncture session.